Ball 2 Box

Get your ball to the box. It may sound simple, but is it?

Ball 2 Box is a simple game that we built in just 72 hours during the Ludum Jam. It has one goal, get the ball to the box in just a few short moves. It may sound simple, but is it?

Simple Concept

Simply guide your ball to the box in just a few short moves. Tap the screen and your ball moves to where you tapped. Reach the goal, and you win the level. Just be sure to avoid any obstacles you may find along the way.

Tons of Levels

Play 50+ levels, each with a different mechanic than the rest. From maneuvering around a few simple walls, to spinning platforms, flying walls and even a growing ball, there are endless amounts of levels to be played in this free iOS game!

Want to help create?

Do you have an idea for a level or mechanic that we should add to the game? Let us know and we may just add it! Ball 2 Box has the opportunity to have tons of levels from the community and we’re opening it up to you to help add to the game!



What is Box 2 Box?
Ball 2 Box is a game we in just a short amount of time for the Ludum Jam. It has one simple goal, get the ball to the box!
How much will it cost?
We don’t plan to monetize the title at all. It will be completely free to download!
What is the development status of Ball 2 Box?
We stopped working on Ball 2 Box soon after the Ludum Jam finished. We then continued development on Wobbles. We haven’t touched the game since then.
I have a great idea for a puzzle!
Really? Awesome! We’d love to hear it! Use the form below and email us the idea. We’ll take a look at it and possibly include it in the game.
What was Ball 2 Box built with?
We used Unity 3D, and a few awesome plugins such as iTween. After that it was just a matter of building levels!

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